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15 Vegan Winter-Warmer Main Dishes everyone will LOVE!

Since moving back to Melbourne, I’ve been super susceptible to the weather. Being a Melbourne girl for most of my life, surely I’d be used to bitter cold winds, chilly rain and winds that freeze you to the core….right? Pass. I have never gotten used to the cold. Having such a damp, cold constitution, I suffer in the extremes. Now don’t get me wrong, I adore Winter; the food, the fashion, heaters, sleeping in, snuggly weekends…. but the weather can stick it’s proverbial head up it’s proverbial ass. Back to food. That’s one thing I ADORE about Winter. Thick, stew-y soups bubbling over the stove, dough rising to be baked, endless pots of chai, roasted vegetables, al denté pasta with spicy...

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31 Ways to Top Your Porridge! The BEST Porridge Toppings to Warm up your Winter.

Has the bitter cold hit where you are yet? It’s come at me like a thief in the night, stealing into the room, filling up the corners with cold, damp air, and has found us all, literally, hunkered down under a mountain of blankets. It’s also had me running for warm breakfasts. Smoothies, be gone! Bring on the porridge.   And admittedly, I’ve never had a great interest in it. Memories of Oliver Twist’s gruel, the yukky skin that sometimes forms when it’s left for too long, and bland, boring nursing home food (which yes, I did feed to many a resident, every fibre of me screaming “I’m sorry, it’s so plain!”). And yet. There’s just something about it that’s...

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