The Vegie Head Academy Online eCouse- Basics

The Vegie Head Academy Online eCouse- Basics

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You desire radiant health, right? You want sparkling eyes, glowing skin, vibrant energy + a contagiously compassionate presence? 


You don’t have to ditch your meat-eating mates

Or hide in the corner at your family bbq

You’re not about to lose friends + infuriate people

You are perfectly capable of thinking for yourself

And you won’t to be bombarded with anti-this or anti-that instruction.


You just want to radiate pure health.

And you deserve to know how to nourish yourself with plants

In a creative, sustainable + self-compassionate way.

Because whether you eat meat 7 days a week (or more)

Whether you refuse to start your day without a green smoothie

Whether you need to nourish your vego kin and have no idea where to start...

One thing’s for sure:

You want to feel good



Introducing the Vegie Head Academy: your very own plant-based online cooking course. All of the answers you seek. With zero judgement. It’s a course for people who crave the knowledge + practical skills (not to mention the heart-centred delivery) required for a plant-based diet. Because life is already complex, this course is designed to replace a sometimes negative charge around what you eat + why.

It’s simple really. You will learn how to nourish your body, mind + soul. Why should it be more complicated than that?

 I’m Adele Connell, creator of Vegie Head

My mission is simple: I’m here to show you that plant-based doesn’t have to be boring. I’m here to make delicious food + spread the vegie love.

I’m an enlightening author of (Insert official book title) + recipe evolutionist who writes for national magazines. My website won Vegan blog of the year in 2012 + maintains a top 20 position.

Why I created the Vegie Head Academy:

When I first started exploring veganism at the age of 16, I had no idea how to get correct information without feeling suffocated by rigid + uncompromising moral views. I had to teach myself. And I would have loved to have had a truly compassionate teacher, gently guiding me through the process.

I see now that my life purpose was the become that truly compassionate teacher. My mission? To light a path for those seeking non-judgemental guidance while eating for pure health. This is not about rigid dogma, black + white thinking. No, the Vegie Head lifestyle is about the gratitude + glory of eating in a way that feels good.

Today, I am a living example that you can be passionate about plant-based eating, without pissing your friends + family right off. I don’t believe in excluding or judging people + I’ve felt the pain of being deeply misunderstood for voicing this opinion. My family, in fact my husband, do eat meat, but they absolutely love the plant-based foods I entice them with.

I feel sad that so many people who would benefit from learning about -- and gobbling up -- delicious plant-based food, are scared of feeling judged or like they have to start viewing the meat-eating people negatively just because they want greater health + vitality.

Everyday I get inundated with questions like…

I’m a Vegan. What do I feed my non-vegan friends so they still visit?

What nutrients do I need the most?

My daughter’s stopped eating meat, what the hell do I feed her?

How do I cope with pressure to explain my food choices?

How can I feel your passion for plant-based foods, when I feel so limited?

And this is why I created this course. To show you exactly how to make divinely delicious plant-based food. To hold your hand through the transition. And to supply you with knowledge, not value-judgements.

In fact, I’m known for my non-judgemental style and my vibrantly-stylish Vegie-know-how. There ain’t no deprivation here, folks!

So, what is the Vegie Head Academy?

The Vegie Head Academy provides simple + empowering content so you can:

  • Set up your kitchen so you can prepare food effortlessly (+ on any budget)
  • Learn exactly how to create a balanced pantry
  • Learn the best way to store fruit + veg for maximum freshness + health
  • Create succulent plant-based creations everyone will love
  • Overcome social awkwardness so you can eat what you like at any occasion (ditch the soap-box + enjoy yourself!)
  • Radiate peace, passion + presence (not to mention radiant skin)
  • Feel 100% confident choosing the best for you physical health + spiritual well-being
  • Learn how to save money on a plant-based diet (even with room for the luxuries)
  • Turn any meat-based meal into a plant-based alternative (+ keep everyone happy)
  • Avoid spending more money than you need to while adopting a new diet
  • Feel less overwhelmed + unsure when preparing life-giving meals for yourself + your family.

What’s Included

  • Modules to rapidly equip you with fundamental skills of plant-based cooking
  • Video instructions, PDF's and Guidebooks

Are you ready to dive into vegie-goodness without sacrificing your friendships, family commitments + future invitations to parties?

There is absolutely a way to embrace plant-based eating. I have brought all of my knowledge to the (rather yummy) table . I want you to enjoy the life-changing benefits of eating this way. There is no other agenda. It’s that simple.

What to do next?

If you resonate with my compassionate, earthy style, and if you want to create divine dishes + enjoy luminous health, then all you need to do is join us!

I’ve poured my heart + all of my knowledge into this course. I can’t wait for you to share my vegie-love (+ know-how) to revel in a new way of eating that brings you peace, passion + presence.

Adele XO

P.S I believe there is nothing quite like The Vegie Head Academy, out there. I know that doing this will not only teach you to correctly fuel yourself with plant-based foods, but will also increase your confidence + compassion for others. My approach is unique, fun + inspirational. I’ve seen the amazing transformations in the lives of those I’ve helped, and I’ve designed this course to be easy + transformative for you.

To get glowing skin + vibrant energy you need to bring the vegie-love to your kitchen, so book a spot in the course now.