Delicious Doggy Dishes eBook
Delicious Doggy Dishes eBook
Delicious Doggy Dishes eBook
Delicious Doggy Dishes eBook
Delicious Doggy Dishes eBook
Delicious Doggy Dishes eBook
Delicious Doggy Dishes eBook

Delicious Doggy Dishes eBook

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Ever wanted to make your beloved pup homemade food, and have no idea where to start?

Sick of the bad breath and stinky fur that so many dogs suffer from?

Want to make your own holistic remedies at home?


"Our faithful companions deserve more than dry kibble and 'dog logs'

and when you start to cook healthy, delicious, homemade food for them, the difference will be noticeable."


  • Why should I feed my dog homemade dog food?

    I get asked this question a lot. My journey into homemade dog food is a long and ongoing one- and is something that I not only pride myself on doing, but something that I gain immense pleasure from educating others about. Commercial dog food is, in my humble opinion, a cop out. It's an easy option- junk food really- that dogs will not thrive on. When you look at the ingredients on a bag or can of dog food, what do you see? A lot of big words, numbers, and colours amongst things like 'dehydrated beef' or other animal parts. When you make your own food, you know exactly what's gone into it. You know that you're filling your dogs food with the good stuff- not the unknown stuff. You're giving them a huge dose of love and nourishment!
  • But isn't cooking dog food from scratch expensive and time consuming?

    Well, I like to look at it this way; it's more expensive to go to the vet and 'fix' a problem or disease rather than prevent it. And you cook dinner for yourself and your family right? How about if it could just cut up a few more vegies and serve it up to your pup? That's not too hard is it?
  • Are you a vet? What do you know?

    I'm definitely not a vet, nor am I trained in canine nutrition... so I called in a few experts to help me and collaborate with this ebook. What I do know, is that dogs thrive on a homemade diet. They look and feel better, and will love you even more for it.
  • Do you feed your dogs a vegan diet?

    In short, no. I believe, that like humans, every dog is unique and their needs are varied. They have a predominantly vegan diet, with the addition of raw bones and tuna and sardines.
  • Are the recipes all vegan?

    Not all. There are plenty of plant based meals and treats, and some have the addition of tuna or sardines, eggs, and only one has meat added to it.

Filled with simple homemade food

Basic homemade remedies for fleas, bad breath and more

Heartfelt stories and educational pieces

"When you combine homemade food with love and care, expect your dogs health to flourish."

Delicious Doggy Dishes

Included in this beautiful ebook:

  • Simple recipes, using ingredients you can easily find at your local shop
  • Anecdotal stories designed to educate and empower you as a dog owner
  • Information from a Canine Nutritionist to help guide you
  • Recipes for you to make homemade flea repellents, dry skin baths, toothpaste and more
  • Recipes submitted from other dog lovers
  • Beautifully designed and easily print-able
  • Over 80 pages of information, recipes and more! 

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