Vegie Head Main Essentials eBook

Vegie Head Main Essentials eBook

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'From the Ancient Greeks who ate their Deipnon (dinner) later in the day, to the Medieval Era, when dinner was at 3pm, to 1905, when in Colonial times, dinner was at 8pm and always was served with a form of festivity.

In this day and age, the regular meal time is a fading thing. What is regular anymore? We work longer and play harder; eat a wider variety of foods, yet health statistic figures tell us we are the unhealthiest we have ever been.

Let’s change it. Let’s make sitting down for dinner fun again. Let’s put importance in stopping in the moment and really relishing dinner. Let’s be completely engrossed in the abundance of fresh produce, spices and herbs, colour and flavour. Let’s fall in love again and again with the people we dine with- our family, friends, loved ones. Let’s speak to them through food.

The need for interesting, different and healthy plant-based main meals is apparent to me everyday, so without further ado, let me introduce you to Main Essentials.'

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