22 ways to use leftover Vegetables and Fruit!

When you use the best organic fruit and veg, you want to get the most out of it- nothing should go to waste!

There are so many ways to use leftover fruits, vegetables and nuts; and not all of them how you’d expect.

Play with these suggestions- don’t be afraid to experiment in the kitchen!

So many of my clients are scared to make mistakes when they cook- so I remind them that there are no mistakes- just lessons on what NOT to do again. Worst case, you throw it out and try something different!

What are your fave ways to use leftovers? Share your ideas at the bottom of the page! We’d all love to know!

1: I love making extra roasted vegies, and then blending them with a can of chickpeas, some tahini, garlic and lemon: bam! Roasted veg hommus.

2: Same as above- except use kidney beans instead of chickpeas- perfect quesadilla filling in my Cheezy Quesadillas 

3: You know stewed apples? Make extra, and pop them in ice cube trays. Then you can pop them out and store in them in freezer bags, ready to add to your winter porridge, or even some non-dairy ice cream.

4: Buy bulk saucing tomatoes. Make a homemade passata and freeze what you don’t need in ice cube trays. Again, pop them out and store in freezer bags. Perfect to add to a pasta or curry. Ditto if you make a bulk amount of curry pastes (Thai/Indian etc) and even just sautéed onions and garlic.

5: Make leftover vegies into a burrito- add coriander and lime infused rice, some salsa, and wrap it! Check out my Mexi-rice and Bean Burritos with Spicy Sweet Potato recipe

6: Pop all of your leftover vegies into a pie dish, top with a delicious tomato based sauce, add cooked brown lentils, spoon mashed sweet potato on the top; Vegie Head Vegetable Pie!

7: Or use the same vegies, extra passata cubes or a can of tomatoes, curry paste- get it INDIA ya! (get it?)

8: I use the WHOLE broccoli- stem and all. The stem holds so much goodness- nutrients galore! I either add it to a stir fry or a soup, or blanch it for the puppies to eat.

9: Make soup. Use everything (well, pretty much everything you have)- think roasted pumpkin, potato, carrot and onion, add peas, beans, broccoli, tomatoes-canned/fresh or even pasta sauce, water, season and serve!

10: Make my fave Ribollita soup!

11: When you juice and have tonnes of pulp:
-Carrot; simple, add to muffins and cakes. It makes your baked goods moist and a pretty colour.
-Mixed pulp- add some almond meal, spices, and dehydrate or bake on a low temp- crackers

12: For almond/nut meal:
-After I have made my own Almond milk, I use some for a body scrub (add coconut oil and essential oils of your choice)
-Use some in smoothies and freeze the rest for a later date
-Charlie and Hank like it mixed through their vegies
-Dehydrate it at a low temp and use it in baking
-I use it to make any sort of superfood ball I’m in the mood for

how to make almond milk, raw vegan paleo nut milk

13: Shred and/or grate any vegies that are on the ‘uglier’ side, and turn them into mash, with sweet potato/pumpkin.

14: Or add them to cooked quinoa and make my famous Quinoa and Vegie bake!

And here are some of YOUR ideas! 

15: “I use left over carrot pulp to make raw falafel balls…..then make a yummy tahini dressing” – Vanessa

16: “Any left over fruit (and some veggies) I will throw in smoothies. If the veggies are on their way out and I’m not planning to serve them that day, I will blend them up in my Vitamix and pop it in ice cube trays to save it as veggie stock in soups, casseroles etc. Same with fruit, only I keep it for smoothies.” – Milica

17: “I make a mean Vegan Bolognese, yep converted from our special family recipe. But I only know how to make it in massive family size batches (which is fine by me of course!). With some of the leftovers I like to make some pies and freeze them for a rainy day.” –  Trent

18: “Add pumpkin soup, or any soup for that matter to pasta (healthy variety of course!) or homemade gnocchi! Top with cheezy sauce or nutritional yeast and bake in the oven.. you could even add some chickpeas, mushrooms, etc. Yum!” – Holly

19: “I make pizza with my leftover chilli black bean posole. Homemade base, baby spinach layer then vegan cheese sprinkled or dolops of toffiti soy cream cheese and baked in the oven. Tastes great” – Carolyn
20: “I do this with my leftovers!!! https://kidtestedfirefighterapproved.com/2013/03/17/leftovers-lasagna-with-veggie-pasta/” April

21: “My son in law used some almond pulp I gave him in his Chick pea patties. My daughter said they were delicious!” – Deborah (could work in my Sesame Bean Burgers!)

22: You can even use leftovers in your homemade skin care!

Have juicer, will glow…
There are many things you can use juice pulp for in the kitchen, but you can also utilise its benefits in the bathroom too. Juicing can give your skin a beautiful healthy glow, whether reaping its beautifying properties for within or without.

By combining your pulp with plain, natural yogurt, here’s a few simple ways you can use your juice pulp to assist you in attaining beautiful, healthy skin –

Cucumber pulp

Rich in natural silica.  Simply add one teaspoon of pulp to two tablespoons of plain, natural yoghurt to soothe irritated, dry, or wind burnt skin.

Apple pulp

Rich in malic acid; a natural alpha hydroxy acid. Simply add one teaspoon of pulp to two tablespoons of plain, natural yoghurt to gently exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells and giving the skin a beautiful, healthy glow.

Orange pulp 

Rich in natural Vitamin C. Simply add one teaspoon of pulp to two tablespoons of plain, natural yoghurt to gently exfoliate, renew the skin, reduce excess oil, and help lighten the appearance of scars and/or pigmentation.

This pulp can also be used to rub directly onto nails to help whiten them.

Watermelon pulp

Rich in Vitamins A, C and B. Simply add 1 teaspoon of pulp to two tablespoons of plain, natural yoghurt to beautifully hydrate and freshen the skin.

Kiwi fruit pulp

Rich in natural Vitamin C. Simply add one teaspoon of pulp to two tablespoons of plain, natural yoghurt to gently exfoliate the skin, reduce excess oil, and help reduce the appearance of pigmentation.

Carrot pulp

Rich in natural Vitamin A and antioxidants. Simply add 1 teaspoon of pulp to two tablespoons of plain, natural yoghurt to renew and rejuvenate the skin, and help reduce the appearance of pigmentation.

Parsley pulp

Rich in Vitamins A, C and K. Simply add 1 teaspoon of pulp to two tablespoons of plain, natural yoghurt to help clear congestion, reduce the appearance of redness or visible capillaries, and gently exfoliate the skin.


Apply to cleansed, dry skin, avoiding your eyes and lips.

Relax and allow your pulp mask to feed your skin for 10 to 15 minutes. If lying down to rest, lay a small towel down to avoid any drips or runs. Do not leave mask on longer than suggested time.

After 10 to 15 minutes, remove with tepid water and a gentle cloth.

Always follow with a toner, moisturiser and eye cream.

Masks can be used weekly.


·       Always patch test any mask prior to use to ensure no skin sensitivity or allergies.
·       The information contained above should not replace consultation or advice from a qualified health or     skincare professional.
·       Do not use any mask on broken skin.
·       As you are making each mask fresh, use immediately, and discard any left-over.
·       Coconut yoghurt was used in all suggestions provided, but no particular type or brand is recommended.

From Enthralling Beauty

There are also 30 delicious recipes (most can be made with leftover veg!) in my ebook!

Don’t forget to share this if you know someone who would love some ideas of what to do with their leftovers!

Have fun in the kitchen!




And this means more than fruits and veg- for me, I add leftover raw desserts, slices, balls, and cakes to my smoothies. You know all the edge bits that taste good but are kinda on the ugly side? Or the crumbly bits? Or the desserts that taste good but won’t stick together? Any raw dessert disaster is fantastic for using in smoothies. I will add a banana, homemade almond milk, some ice, and blend away. All of the delicious flavours of my raw dessert are still there- in smoothie form!!!!

There is no recipe for this lil smoothie- just use your imagination and your leftovers! <3

Enjoy x

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