Hi! I’m Adele McConnell!

I created Vegie Head, as I was so, so SO bored of seeing bland, faux-meat vegan recipes online.

I was also damn tired of being attacked by other vegans (yep, those vegan police will slap handcuffs on you, throw your ass in jail, and refuse any bail)….guess why?

A: My husband is a meat eater

B: I didn’t agree with their hardcore scare tactics

C: I do believe that everyone’s body is different, but there is ALWAYS more space on your plate for vegies

D: all of the above.

I’ll share the answer with you in a little bit.

I like to think I’m pretty effervescent (think bubbles in champagne!), and I’m definitely friendly.

Vegie Head is a place where saucy, tempting recipes live and inspiring words touch hearts.

I’m an enlightening author and recipe evolutionist for people who want to enjoy more plant based recipes in their diet.

Over 80,000 people join me daily on my Facebook page, and my messages reach over 4 million people Worldwide- won’t you come over and join us to? We have heaps of fun there!

Over 30,000 people follow me on Instagram -@vegiehead

Let me break it down for you:

I’m here to rock your World, and to change the way you see plant based food forever. It doesn’t need to be boring, bland or complicated.

You don’t need to be scared to meat veganism in the middle (pun intended)

I specialise in not only empowering you in the kitchen, but also empowering you in life.

I create food with integrity, food with power,

For how can you live a powerful life without powerful plant based food?

What do I do?

  • I help clients all over the World, and here in my hometown of Melbourne, in transitioning to a plant-based diet

  • I hold live workshops and demonstrations at expos/events, and corporate workshops, and have been teaching for over a decade

  • My first published cookbook, was released Worldwide in March 2014 and has been reprinted 3 times and is now available in 4 languages! View it here

  • I have over 12 eBooks filled with exclusive recipes, available for download NOW –Check them out here 

  • I released The Vegie Head Academy, the Worlds first online plant based cooking and health course- you can pre-register your details for 2019 here

  • I write for national print magazines 

  • I’ve had over 250,000 views on my YouTube channel and my ‘Shit Raw Vegans Say‘ video went viral (and ruffled some feathers!)

  • My background is Nursing and Beauty Therapy, and a big part of my business is skin and helping teenagers and adults get clear glowing skin, and kick acne for good. I have a free ecourse that you can do- simply sign up here!

  • I have a rad podcast called ‘Easy Green’, which you can check out here or on your podcast app

  • I opened a 100% Plant Based Organic Cafe in Melbourne in 2017 called SoulPod Foods - come in and say hi!

  • And a day after we opened the cafe, I gave birth to a beautiful little boy. I certainly know how to keep myself busy!

I love sharing what I know….. what and how to eat, how to shop for the best produce, and how to cook in today’s time-poor lifestyle. And I always throw in a handful inspiration, life skills, beauty and skin advice

…and a whole lot of love!


I’ve got my very own line of Vegan, Cruelty Free, Palm Oil Free skincare and cosmetics,  Dusk by Adele. Launched in 2014, it's changing peoples skin all over the World.

 dusk by adele vegan skincare




How can I help you?…

Interested in plant based foods and don’t know where to start?

Struggling to get your family to enjoy more Vegie meals?

Check out The Vegie Head Academy; it’s a 12 week online program to teach you how to be a master of your kitchen! It’ll be launching again mid 2019. OR come to one of my in person cooking workshops!

Want heaps of exclusive recipes that will delight anyone?

Have a look at my ebooks!

Struggling with problem skin? Acne/Rosacea/Oily skin issues?

I have the answer for you.

Have a look at my Stripped Bare Program and check out Dusk by Adele.

Looking for my published book ‘The Vegan Cookbook?’

It’a available online from Amazon, Fishpond, Bookworld etc, and any store near you (worldwide). If they don’t have it, just ask!

 I’m trained in Australian Bush Flower Essences, Beauty Therapy, Nursing and Reiki, and my goal is to inspire others to live an empowered life.

  I love….

my three adopted dogs, Charlie (over the rainbow bridge) Hank, and my deaf Irish Wolfhound, Holly//my thermomix//photography//cumin seeds, frying on the stove//cacao smoothies//long, hot baths filled with oils, clays and salts//foot massages//almond chai lattes//rock salt lamps//sleeping in past 9am//staying up late//scary movies//meditating//daily declarations//music-all types//journalling//sourdough bread with avo//crystal grids//walking morning and night//reiki//oracle cards//the beach//YOU

I’ve been featured in and worked with…


Interested in learning how to book Adele for:


      • Workshops? 

      •  Business Coaching?

      • Demonstrations?

      • Menu consultations?



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Recipe Creation

Adele has created recipes for such companies as Absolute Organics, MicrOrganics, The Chia Co. Pana Chocolate, A Simple Affair, Canary Café and many more. Her work has been featured in magazines Worldwide, and on numerous websites. Recipe creation can be for your website, business, event or for you to on-sell to customers. 

Please use our contact form for any inquires.

Oh and the answer to my multiple choice question?


Yep. Which is why a part of the Vegie Head philosophy is NO JUDGEMENT.

Come one, come all. Whatever your eating style is, let me show you how to fall in love with Vegetables and sexy up your meal times!