The Extreme Lengths I’ve Gone to, to Grow My Hair

When I was five, I took a pair of scissors, and the morning of my kindergarten photos, I cut my fringe. My face said it all. I was SO happy with myself – my parents, not so much. That photo sits with pride on the mantlepiece at my parents house, and it no doubt shaped my lifelong obsession with cutting my own hair – and then cursing myself for not letting it grow. Now, with my hair as long as it’s been since I was a kid, I am getting asked all the time “How did your hair grow so long, so fast?!”. So here you have it – the extreme lengths I’ve gone to to grow my hair.


This side by side comparison, taken twelve months apart is the best indicator I have of how fast my hair has grown. The left, October 26, 2015. The right, October 10, 2016. Not to the date, but pretty damn close. I snapchatted this photo, and again, had all of the questions you’d expect when someone has hair this long.

Are you wearing extensions? What supplements do you take? Are you using Rogaine? Is there something else you’re doing that’s brand new that no one knows about yet? 

Well my pretties, let me share with you what I do to make my hair grow as long as it does.

It’s pretty extreme – a bit out there – and not for everyone. But I’ll do my best to share with you exactly what I do and why it’s the best way to grow your hair.


You don’t need expensive potions and lotions.

You don’t need to do anything crazy like standing on your head to increase blood flow – though I am all for handstands and awesome scalp massages.

You don’t need to buy whatever hair supplement the Kardashians are paid to promote.

So, what do I do to get my hair to grow this long, this fast, and super healthy?









Yep. You read it right. Sorry to disappoint! I literally do nothing to my hair.

No lotions, no potions, no supplements.

This is what I do

I wash it twice a week, either using my own hair tea (which you’ll be able to buy from my Dusk by Adele website soon) and alternate it withEverEscents Organic Shampoo and Conditioner (no affiliation, I just love them!).

I double shampoo, then apply the conditioner in the ends, and leave it for a minute, then I rinse really well.

I wrap it in a big fluffy towel and let it sit for 20 minutes or so, and then simply let it dry naturally. I don’t even comb or brush it (though this is mostly laziness).

My hair takes a few hours to dry (less in summer time, and if it’s windy out), but I leave it, and as I work from my home office, it’s fine for me to sit with damp hair as long as it takes.

Then, when it’s dry, and if it needs a comb, I’ll do it, just enough to remove any tangles.

On the first day of my wash, I leave it out- as it’s so nice and fresh, why not?!

That night, I’ll put it in a loose plait, with a non-snagging hair tie, and sleep on my satin pillowcase.

The second day of my wash, it’s still pretty clean, so I’ll either wear it out, and just brush out the plait, or pop it in a loose bun at the nape of my neck. I can no longer wear it up on top of my head as it’s so heavy – and it pulls on the hairs around your hairline, causing them to break. So I avoid this at all costs.

As the week progresses it does get a bit dirty and greasy – so I pop it in a loose braid, off my face, and leave it.

I’ll then wash it when I have to.

Now as for things that may also help.

I often go for stretches of only using my Hair Tea – which you’ll all be able to check out soon. It’s gentle, has no chemicals in it, and is perfect to use if you’ve got fine hair that gets weighed down with product.

I don’t use heat on my hair – no hairdryers or straighteners (unless it’s for a special occasion)

I don’t colour my hair with anything (I’ve come a long way from the time when I used to bleach my hair white)

I eat a small handful of organic Brazil Nuts everyday. I swear, these are magic. Full of Silica and Selenium, they’re little wonder nuts. Great for nails and skin too.

I eat a plant based diet, filled with fruits and vegetables, wholegrains, nuts and seeds, vegan dairy products (usually nut based) and the occasional treat. Lots of filtered water, herbal tea, almond milk chai, and the occasional treat.

And that’s it! I haven’t cut my hair in almost three years now, so I’m pretty proud of myself from staying away from the scissors – and because I don’t use heat on my hair, and it’s not dry, I don’t really have any split ends. A trim may be in my future, but for now I’m super happy with leaving it alone.

Adele x

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