Sweet Potato Smoothie…

While trying to find low-gi and low fructose smoothie ingredient that was as creamy and filling as banana, I started playing around with sweet potato.

Not only mildly sweet, but high in fibre, vitamin A, C, rich in beta-carotene and readily available for most of the year, it’s also a great banana alternative for those who find that banana is too mucous forming.

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, (my preferred modality) banana’s are very damp and form mucous in the body (along with a number of other foods).

Sweet Potato, while being cooling, helps to tonify the ‘Yin’ and aid in liver function.

Could this be the banana alternative I’ve been waiting for?

Bright, golden hues, with a stunning flavour profile, this smoothie is a winner. It’s like christmas in a glass, anti-inflammatory and filling to boot!

I used SteviaSweet in the smoothie, to bring forth the earthy sweetness of the sweet potato.

SteviaSweet is:

  1. Sweet as sugar and 100% Natural
  1. Great tasting and naturally sweet
  1. Natural sweetness without sugars high calories

sweet pot smoothie 2

Note: this is a sponsored post, however all words and opinions are my own

  • YIELD: 2 cups (1-2 Servings)



  1. Blend all ingredients together until smooth and creamy
  2. Serve immediately, top with cacao nibs and a sprinkling of cinnamon

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