Vegie Head Cheezy Quesadillas

  • YIELD: Serves 4 Easily Doubled (4 Servings)
  • PREP: 10 mins
  • COOK: 10 mins
  • READY IN: 20 mins

Olé! These cheezy, spicy quesadillas really hit the spot!



  1. For the 'Creamy Cheezy' sauce:
  2. In a high powered blender, process the cashews until it becomes a fine flour
  3. In a saucepan, mix the milk and water together
  4. Bring the milk/water to a gentle boil, then add the yeast, cashews, miso paste, lemon juice, rice flour and pepper, and whisk until smooth
  5. Continue to stir, and drop to a simmer
  6. The sauce will thicken, and stir regularly so it doesn't stick to the bottom; set aside
  7. For the quesadillas:
  8. In a blender, process chickpeas, kidney beans, paprika, chilli flakes, cumin, cinnamon, tahini and garlic until chunky
  9. Heat a large, non-stick fry pan
  10. On one tortilla, spread the creamy cheezy sauce, beans, then the avocado
  11. Dollop salsa, and add torn coriander, baby spinach and red onion, then place another tortilla on top
  12. Dry fry on each side until tortilla is golden brown and serve with extra salsa

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