ONLINE Vegan Meal Prep Workshop
ONLINE Vegan Meal Prep Workshop
ONLINE Vegan Meal Prep Workshop
ONLINE Vegan Meal Prep Workshop
ONLINE Vegan Meal Prep Workshop
ONLINE Vegan Meal Prep Workshop
ONLINE Vegan Meal Prep Workshop
ONLINE Vegan Meal Prep Workshop
ONLINE Vegan Meal Prep Workshop

ONLINE Vegan Meal Prep Workshop

Join me in these exclusive ONLINE workshops 

My approach to eating can be summed up in a sentence.

Grounding, nourishing, plant-based, seasonal food, that serves you at your highest good. 

Now that can look different for everyone, but the foundation is the same. 

Let me show you how it can look for you!


Usually, these workshops are held in person in my commercial kitchen for groups of 4-6 people. I've been teaching for over ten years and love it :D

Given the current climate, all of my workshops will be held online! It's a platform that I use to run my Vegie Head Academy and VIP Club House - so one I'm familiar with. We'll have so much fun!! You'll have access to the recording after the event so you can go back to it. If you can't make it live, or have to leave, you'll still get the recording, as well as all the recipes covered!


When: Friday 24th April

Time: 7pm - 10pm

Where: In your very own home, live-streaming thanks to the Internet! You'll get a link prior to the event.


Meal Prep. Just the idea can induce anxiety even in the most organised person. In me? Meal Prep = B O R I N G.

I can't think of anything worse than eating the same thing, day in, day out.

I've known a few bodybuilders in my time. They survived solely on steamed chicken and broccoli, and watered down protein shakes. For weeks on end no less. YUCK and YAWN.

But when I opened up my cafe SoulPod Foods, had a baby, was trying to finish my latest book, and manufacturing my skincare range I realised very quickly that my time in the kitchen was limited, and I needed to do something FAST.

I'm not one for re-heating frozen meals (we've never had a microwave), and I get bored of food super quickly.

So, using a simple system, I came up with ELEMENTS™, which kept me and my husband full and nourished in those exhausting early baby months, and have continued to keep us healthy in the twelve months since!

My only regret?

That I didn't create this system sooner!

Think of the food, time, money and sanity I would have saved!!

This workshop is for you:

  • If you're a busy individual who commutes daily and works long hours
  • If you're a parent, a family and want to keep bellies full
  • If you want to save time
  • If you want to stick to a budget
  • If you want to cut back on waste

Your Ticket Includes:

+ A live + interactive experience in a relaxed space

+ An open forum to ask questions, learn new dishes and techniques

+ Learn about interesting food combinations & nutrition facts

+ Be inspired to create family pleasing, nutritious and abundant meals at home

+ Walk away armed with knowledge and excitement


Perfect for beginners to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, and those that need a fresh look at this amazing lifestyle.

This workshop is for you:

+ You want to learn simple hacks to add more nutrients into your everyday foods

+ You're interested in trying new ingredients and tasting them before you run out and buy a whole lot of new things

+ You want to nourish yourself and your family

+ Your health is a priority!

and more.... 


You’ll learn:

+ How to make multiple dishes in three hours

+ How to make bulk meals for freezing

+ How to utilise your time smartly

+ What 'Elements' are and how to use them for healthy, budget meals

+ How to make your life SO much simpler by meal prepping


Perfect for:

+ Beginners to advanced cooks

+ Newbies and oldies to a plant based diet



“I had a wonderful night!” – Katie

“Thanks for the beautiful cooking! April and I learnt so much and had an awesome time.” – Chris

“It was such a pleasure to meet you Adele and to learn all of your secrets! You made cooking fun for me and have inspired me to try more things!” -Lisa 

"Adele is the most welcoming, warm hearted person with a wealth of knowledge. Her enthusiasm was infectious and created the best atmosphere for everyone in the workshop to interact and share their own tips! I also learnt so much in the workshop and had a blast doing it...I just want to do more workshops already.

Thanks again Adele, I’ll be seeing you again soon xx"- Ashleigh

"Adele's Vege Head Workshop was fantastic! I learnt so much about simple and bulk ways to food prep and storage and I have already put so much of it into use.

Adele is a great host and has so much knowledge, she is also super easy to listen to and shares with excitement! 

I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone that is health conscience and wanting to make their meal prep and dinner ideas more streamlined." - Danielle

About Adele:

For over a decade, Adele has been teaching workshops all over Australia and internationally, to help people expand their knowledge of plant-based cooking and to make the most of what's in their pantry. 

Adele is a published author with her work printed in multiple languages and is co-owner and head plant-based chef at SoulPod Foods cafe in Melbourne.