Plant Based Chef Professional Training
Plant Based Chef Professional Training
Plant Based Chef Professional Training
Plant Based Chef Professional Training
Plant Based Chef Professional Training

Plant Based Chef Professional Training

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Imagine being able to wow your boss, impress your co-workers, and create a new menu that will tantalise the most discerning guest... all using plants! 

The game has changed. Veganism and vegetarianism is on the rise markedly - and it's still rising each year. Australia is the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world. People want options. Chefs need to know how to cook those options. And businesses will need those options to help them flourish. 

Cafes and restaurants need to keep up. Serving up a mushroom risotto or a vegetable lasagne just doesn't cut it anymore for the ever growing plant based crowd.

As a chef or a cook, what's your biggest bugbear?

Is it the patron who has the longest list of allergies you've ever seen?

Is it the stress of coming up with new, exciting, nutritionally balanced meals that actually taste good?

Or is it that you just feel ill equipped to serve up something vegan?

Whatever it is, I can help.

 So, who am I?

 I'm Adele. I'm a published author (in five languages), I own a 100% plant based cafe and am head chef there, I've taught plant based cooking workshops all over the world for the better part of a decade, and have mentored thousands of people on their plant based journeys! And now, I'm going to help you. 

What do you want to learn? 

How to make your own vegan butter, cheese and mayo?

How to make tofu taste A M A Z I N G?

WTF is tempeh (and what the hell do I do with it)?

How do I replace eggs?

How do I use all of these weird and wonderful ingredients?

What's the best way to bake vegan goodies?

How do I use alternate sugars?

How can I make raw deserts that aren’t overloaded with sugar?

How to curate a menu that your customers will love?

How to be all inclusive, and create a great vibe with your food?

Well, you'll learn all of this and MORE with Australia's first Plant Based Professional Training Course.

You already know how to cook. You can slice and dice. Let's bypass all of that, and get straight to the good stuff. 

Let's get to the stuff that'll keep your customers surprised and wowed. That'll make your boss drool. That'll get you collective cheers from the vegan and plant based community. 

 Lets turn you into a Plant Based Chef with this exclusive training course.

I'll teach you: 

+ How to create a vegan menu that is appealing, nutritionally balanced and cost-effective

+ How to prepare beans, rice and nuts (most people are doing it wrong) so that they're gentler on tummies and taste better

+ How to make your own vegan butter, plant based milks, and the most amazing mayonnaise you'll ever have - in 30 seconds!

+ How to take tofu to the next level and how to use tempeh so it doesn't taste like cardboard

+ How to make your own 'meat'

+ How to make the best tuna - no fish involved

+ How to cook amazing grain dishes, soups and curries

+ How to include raw food successfully on your menu and why so many cafes and restaurants get it wrong

+ How to make your own sausages  - 2 ways!

+  How to bake the most amazing vegan treats

+ How to un-bake the most delicious raw desserts

+ How to replace eggs - 5 ways

+ How to use some of the most obscure ingredients in plant based cooking

+ Fermentation and culturing

And so much more along the way!

PLUS -  you'll receive a menu consultation so we can fine tune your vegan menu, a workbook with recipes and information, and a apron.

You'll also receive a certificate at the end of our time together, celebrating you being a Plant Based Chef! 


Here are the details:

Place : TBA upon booking, a private commercial kitchen in Boronia. 

Time and dates : Monday nights, 6-9pm for 6 weeks September 23rd and 30th, October 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th.

Investment: $799