Vegan Essentials Cooking Workshop
Vegan Essentials Cooking Workshop

Vegan Essentials Cooking Workshop

 Join me in these exclusive workshops; taste, try, learn, cook and experience. These workshops are one of a kind- don’t miss out!

When I first moved out of home, I was vegetarian, and had been spoilt by mum and dad's cooking. They're fantastic cooks, and mum was (and still is!) always happy to whip me up some plant based goodies. 

However in that kitchen, in Clifton Hill (with yellow walls and black and white tiles) I struggled. I was so eager to learn though, that my victories far outweighed my disasters.

I'd go to the markets once a week, stock up on fresh produce, nuts, legumes, seeds, and the basics, and try my hand at re-creating mums dishes, and coming up with my own.

She always taught us that good, healthy food was tantamount to giving love and caring for your family - and she herself made everything from scratch.

I wanted to do the same. A year later, as my tastes and health leaned towards being fully plant based, I tried to conjure up other magical dishes using far flung ingredients that I could only buy on Amazon, get it shipped to a friend in the USA, then get it sent out here (which would cost me a truck load but I was determined!). Nutritional Yeast just didn't exist here in Melbourne 15 years ago...and if it did I had no bloody idea where else to look!

So, my own milk, cheese, tofu, scrambled 'eggs' and more, were all born from trial and error. 

If you're just starting out on a plant based diet (or moving out of home and want to get a handle on the basics so they don't cost you an arm and a leg), this workshop is for you. 

If you're a parent, about to send your beloved out into the world, give this gift of enlightened, practical, useful information - and get spoilt when the kids invite YOU over for dinner. 

Along with my best selling published book 'The Vegan Cookbook' and a dozen other ebooks, I've been teaching the Vegie Head way for the last decade. 

The workshops started ten years ago from the comfort of my kitchen at home, and have progressed to being held in TV studio kitchens (where Good Chef/Bad Chef is filmed), to commercial kitchens, to now - my own Cafe!

Your Ticket Includes:

+ A live + interactive experience in a relaxed space

+ An open forum to ask questions, learn new dishes and techniques

+ Learn about interesting food combinations & nutrition facts

+ Be inspired to create family pleasing, nutritious and abundant meals at home

+ Enjoy delicious organic and plant based food tastings and snacks

+ Walk away armed with knowledge and excitement

Perfect for beginners to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, and those that need a fresh look at this amazing lifestyle.

You will watch, play, cook, eat and share. 
It will change the way you cook forever!

“Had a wonderful time at last night’s cooking class. Love great, simple and fresh food. Awesome gnocchi – and that’s coming from an Italian taught by her nonna!  Highly recommend going to one of these classes. It’s a fun night!” – Daniela

“Fabulous evening last night! Thank you so much Adele. It was so lovely to meet your Mum as well. Great food! I learnt heaps and I can’t wait to try cooking your Mum’s gnocchi” – Susan

“I had a wonderful night!” – Katie

“Thanks for the beautiful cooking! April and I learnt so much and had an awesome time.” – Chris

“Had an amazing evening with the gorgeous Adele from Vegie Head in her Intuitive Cooking Workshop. Feel like I’ve taken another step closer to being more confident in the kitchen. Not surprised to hear she has a Thermomix 😉 Would love to hear more about what she uses hers for. Definitely inspired to try some more curries, even got take aways and won a prize!!! Great night out <3 Tx #vhtour – Natasha

“It was such a pleasure to meet you Adele and to learn all of your secrets! You made cooking fun for me and have inspired me to try more things!” -Lisa

"Great location, great food, great presenter - Adele is amazing - really knows her stuff and shares her knowledge in an informal and comfortable setting. Great for those people considering a or moving to a plant based diet." - Stephen

"I had so much fun at the workshop. The night was filled with so much information and knowledge.  The food was delicious, filling and simple to make. Thank you Adele for a wonderful time."  - Amber

"Adele is the most welcoming, warm hearted person with a wealth of knowledge. Her enthusiasm was infectious and created the best atmosphere for everyone in the workshop to interact and share their own tips! I also learnt so much in the workshop and had a blast doing it...I just want to do more workshops already.

Thanks again Adele, I’ll be seeing you again soon xx"- Ashleigh
"I came away from the workshop with so much useful information and feeling totally inspired to continue the journey towards a much healthier...and delicious...way of eating!
The food we made was amazing and it was wonderful to bring home so many samples. 
Adele is warm & welcoming, a brilliant teacher & full of so much helpful information which she generously shares. I loved every minute!" - Christine

2020 Classes

All classes are held at SoulPod Foods, my organic and plant based cafe in Croydon. Tickets are limited, and classes are small and intimate. You’ll have a chance to have a hands on experience and will be fed well!

Address: Shop 43, The Mall, Croydon South, VIC 3136

Parking readily available.

 SoulPod Foods – Shop 43, The Mall, Croydon South, Victoria

Time - 6pm - 9pm
Tickets – $120


+ A live + interactive experience in a relaxed space

+ An open forum to ask questions, learn new dishes and techniques

+Discover a new way of eating with a plant based diet

+ Be inspired to create family pleasing, nutritious and abundant meals at home

+ Enjoy delicious organic and plant based food tastings and snacks

+ Walk away armed with knowledge and excitement


You’ll learn:

+ How to make vegan butter – 2 ways

+ How to make nut milks

+ Delicious plant based cheezes

+ Scrambled ‘eggs’

You’ll eat:

+ Everything we make!

What people are saying:

Adele has re-inspired me to get back in the kitchen, and especially to focus on the simple but high vibe culinary consumables. A healthy, plant based way of eating does NOT need to be hard!  - Aleisha

Adele is a woman with a passion ... and it multiplies when she is working her passion. That's just ONE of the benefits of attending her workshops. The workshops hold an abundance of information and learning, together with the ability to share what the attendees know themselves. Every workshop I've attended has been a total WIN WIN WIN for me. Thank you Adele - Ros

This was a really fascinating workshop and I learned a lot about the principles of cooking plant based foods.  It was a very welcoming environment and Adele was just so lovely and made the whole experience really enjoyable - Mandy

Thank you so much for your time, knowledge and beautiful presence. I had a fantastic day at the meal prep workshop and I feel like I have come away with a different perspective on how to make the most out of my time and skill set. It is easy for me to recommend your workshop's to everyone. Thank you beauty. - Brooke

Enjoyed very relaxed and friendly atmosphere learned new recipes over good convos and laughs. Very caring atmosphere. Great way to rekindle my relationship with cooking. - Mary

Adele is so passionate about vegan cooking it is nothing short of contagious. She creates a welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable. Education and sharing knowledge comes naturally to her, and you will leave feeling more confident in your skills of cooking regardless of whether you are vegan or not you will leave wanting to cook everything again - Sarah-Jane

About Adele:

For over a decade, Adele has been teaching workshops all over Australia and internationally, to help people expand their knowledge of plant based cooking and to make the most of what's in their pantry. 

Adele is a published author with her work printed in multiple languages, and is co-owner and head plant based chef at SoulPod Foods cafe in Melbourne.


What do I bring to the event?

Please bring a water bottle, a notepad if you like to take notes, and any questions you have!
What should I wear?
Wear something comfortable, that you don’t mind getting dirty, and flat, closed toe shoes. No heels, sandals or thongs. 
Do I get a physical ticket?
No- upon purchase your name is added to my list automatically. No ticket needed. 

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Is my ticket transferrable/refundable? 

Your ticket is non-refundable however it is completely transferrable. If you cannot make the event, you can transfer your ticket to another name. Please send the new name to two days before the event.