A Week in Sanur, Bali, at The Samata – and all the vegan food I could eat!

My second week at The Samata was vastly different from my first. While my stay in Seminyak was fun, lively, and I got to experience a lot of food in a short time, my second week was one of relaxation, sunshine, peace, quiet, and some gentle activities. 


I stayed at The Samata in the seaside destination Sanur. Sanur itself is about 35 minutes from Denpasar airport, 45 minutes from Legian, and 30 minutes from Ubud. It’s smack bang in the centre of the main hot spots, yet it feels like another world.

As you drive down Bagus Madra, the huge bypass that takes you both in and out of town, it feels as though you’re heading in the wrong direction. A number of times I had to get my bearings and work out where we were. The bypass itself is busy, but then, chucking a U-turn and heading down a small, unpaved road, you’re immediately greeted by silence.

High walls surround the street – up-market family compounds, holiday villas, and a few small shops are all you can see. I arrive at a double gate, flanked by a security guard. He smiles and gives me a customary Balinese greeting, then we drive through.

I’m honestly taken aback by what I see. It’s nothing like what I expected.

It’s better.

Lush gardens, all being lovingly tended to, huge flowering trees – frangipani’s falling gently to the ground, a soft ocean breeze, and the sound of the waves, calling out to me.

But what shocks me so much is the silence. There’s birds, the gentle hum of native bees, and some chatter from the workers on the rice paddies… but otherwise, silence.

And I express this to the welcoming staff “Is it always this quiet here?” and they laugh. They know I’ve come straight from Seminyak, so we all express how beautiful it is to be surrounded by nothing except nature.

I’m taken to my room, and am again, shocked at the size of it. My bathroom alone has more floor space than my kitchen in Melbourne, as well as it’s own massage beds (side by side, for romantic treatments with your loved one. Alas, I’ll have to enjoy it all on my own!). A huge bath, that I can’t wait to dive into, a comfy lounge suite, a desk, a built-in wardrobe, and my very own king sized four poster bed.

As I step out onto my own balcony, and find that it’s over looking the pool.

Immediately, it’s bathers on, and swimming time. Lap after lap, and I just can’t wipe the smile off my face.

The gym is directly in front of me- and I step in, wrapping the huge soft beach towel around me. The gym is fully equipped, and even has a boxing ring, complete with bags of all shapes and sizes, and gloves and pads. Fun!

I can already feel the waves of relaxation crashing over me. Away from noise, distraction, and responsibility.

I run a hot bath, fill it with salts, and submerge myself. Then I order room service, feeling like languishing on the deck, eating something hot and spicy. Nasi Goreng with Tofu it is. And loads of chilli. And a blueberry banana smoothie.

And so the rest of my week unfolds – with a gym and a swim in the morning, a luxurious bath, then breakfast overlooking the rice paddies.I tried everything – the avocado on toast, the Garden Harvest Salad (25 different vegetables and legumes), the house granola, fresh fruit, the smoothies… and it was all so good!

Then I’d go and sit in the hut overlooking the rice paddies and the pool, and catch up on some work, and read a book.

My massages were scheduled after lunchtime, so I’d head back up to my room and wait for the knock on the door. I’d lay on the massage table and be transported, my eyes barely able to stay open. An hour later, I’d awake, refreshed, my skin glowing, my body like liquid, and I’d float down to my car, and head into town for snacks, any shopping, to buy more books from the book store, and to have an early dinner from any one of the fantastic restaurants in Sanur. Everything from traditional Indonesian, to Mexican, Italian, to delicious health food cafes and restaurants. Spoilt for choice!

I went for walks to the beach, through the rice paddies, and watched the sun rise and set – the sky blazing with red and orange, deepening to inky purples as far as the eye can see.

The nights were warm, balmy, and the way that time seemed to slow was only matched by my own slow pace.

vegan food in bali, the samata 2

And I loved it so much, that I’m going back in February. And I want to take you with me.

It was my 2016 Intention that my year was going to be balanced, fun, and filled with self care and ritual. And I’ve strived to make that balance happen. I’m busy yes- and I know you are too – but ensuring that I created this balance has left me able to do everything I want and more.

So I’d love to invite you to join me. Here, in Bali. Here, for a week away of pampering, of luxury, of someone else doing the cooking, the cleaning, the worrying. A week of whatever you want it to be.A week of joining in on some fantastic experiences.

A week of amazing spa cuisine (catered for vegans/vegetarians/paleo/gluten free/dairy free/sugar free) that someone else cooks.

A week of doing everything, or doing nothing.

A week just for you, to recharge, unwind, reset.

A week of bliss, fun, laughter and adventure.

So, are you in?

Find out more by clicking here

I hope you come over and relax with me!




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