Are you ready to #gogreen2017 ?

My 2016 has been radically different than any other year that I’ve had in many ways. After my year of downsizing in 2015  and starting to shift my ideas of consumerism, I become obsessed in many ways of what I was doing to not only help the planet, but I was doing to harm it. And everything changed. The way I shopped, the way I viewed possessions, the money that I spent on meaningless crap, and the things I threw away. They way I reused things, refused things and recycled things. And I promise, that if I can do this – the former self proclaimed ‘queen of crap’, that anyone can do it. Anyone can choose to #gogreen2017.

So what is ‘Going Green’?

Going Green is more that just the three ‘R”s that we were taught in primary school. It’s long evolved from ‘Refuse, Reuse, Recycle’, and Clean Up Australia Day. We need to act bigger, faster and with more thought and care than ever before.

Going Green can be categorised as:

Reducing Consumption

Reducing Waste

Reducing Pollution

Conserving Energy

Recycling and Reusing 

Protecting the Earths Delicate Ecological Balance

Taking steps, albeit small, collectively can and will make a difference – and if everyone banded together to do their bit, then wouldn’t that be worth it?

What is #gogreen2017?

#gogreen2017 is an idea I had in 2015 – of course the hashtag wasn’t thought of, but the idea had sprouted in my mind and I just needed to wait for the right time.

#gogreen2017 is an initiative that I wanted to create, to empower, encourage and inspire everyone to begin to live a simpler, greener life. The problems that most people have:

-It’s overwhelming

-Not knowing where to start

-They don’t have the time to downsize

-They don’t know where to buy replacements for things they use regularly 

-They’re unsure if they’re doing it right or wrong

-They don’t have the money to ‘begin again’

And all of these concerns can stop people in their tracks. No one wants to do something wrong. No one wants to be out of pocket for a lost cause. And no one seems to have any more time to spare in their days.

I get it, truly.

Which is why #gogreen2017 is going to be so important.

What can we expect from #gogreen2017?

Simple tips

Great resources and blogs


And a very special new project, Easy Green, a Podcast! You can easily find it on the iTunes Podcast Platform.

What can we do to help?

SO much! And so much more than you think as well.

General Tips

-Buy products with minimal packaging

-Reduce your consumption of animal based products

-Take note of how much waste you make each day and try to lessen it

-Make sure you’re recycling as much as you possibly can

-Separate your garbage and make sure it’s in the right bin

-Invest in a compost bin

One of my goals for 2017 is to learn how to compost… anyone have any great tips for me?

-Take a canvas tote tote to the shops with you

keep one always in your car or handbag!

-Take your own cups, mugs, and cutlery when you’re out 

Say no to the plastic sporks and takeaway cups, and keep a set in your bag or car

In the Kitchen

-Buy your food in Bulk

Take your own up-cycled containers and jars to your local bulk store. Here you can stock up on rice, beans, lentils, nuts, spices, sugar, flour and more … all plastic free

-Make everything you can from scratch

Buy dried beans, soak them overnight and cook them. Buy bulk tomatoes and make your own sauce. Purchase berries and fruits at the height of the season and freeze them – you won’t have to buy frozen bags of them! Harvest your herbs when they’re in abundance, and dry them, or freeze them in ice cube trays with some olive oil.

-Ditch the Glad Wrap (Cling Film)

Instead of using Glad Wrap, I use up-cycled brown paper bags (that I get from the health food store when packing up my potatoes, or that hold my rice from our bulk shopping)

-Invest in some high quality glass containers with snap lids

I’ve had mine for years now, and use them for everything and anything, from homemade sauces, to sandwiches, to dips and soup.

-Reuse plastic bags

If you’re one of the people at the supermarket who puts their bananas in a plastic bag (please, don’t!), at the very least reuse them as many times as you can.

-Grab some eco friendly wraps

-Instead of plastic straws, get some Glass Straws!

I have some GlassDharma straws and love them

-Homemade Baby Food 

If you’re a mum or dad and are buying those little food pouches of yoghurt and fruit, you know you can actually buy reusable ones and fill them with your own healthy food? These LilPouches look cute!

-Likewise for icy pops

have a look at these fun ZipPops – you’ll never buy a bag of ZooperDoopers again.

-Get a rad lunchbox

I have a two, 3-tiered tiffin’s which are fantastic when we’re away on long car trips! But for school kids these Planet Boxes are also pretty awesome!

-Don’t buy plastic scrubbing brushes

These will never break down. Purchase a bamboo fibre wire bristle brush to do your dishes with. I’ve had mine for 6 months and it’s still going strong.

-Reuse plastic strawberry/berry containers

You know those annoying little plastic containers? I reuse them for my berries once I’ve frozen them, and also use them to put cuttings in! A little soil in the bottom, and voilá! They already have little drainage holes.

In the Bathroom

-Choose brands that use minimal or no boxes or plastic wrappings

Dusk by Adele doesn’t have fancy packaging at all. We reuse bubble wrap to wrap our glass bottles up, and are introducing a recycling scheme in 2017.

-Make your own skincare and body care products where you can

SO many great resources here

-Invest in a menstrual cup

I love mine! Check out The Lunette from MoonPads

-Buy a Bamboo Toothbrush 

There’s absolutely no reason to buy plastic toothbrushes anymore. Bamboo toothbrushes are fantastic and breakdown a lot faster than the old Oral B.

-Reuse shampoo and conditioner bottles

Taking them and filling them up at your local bulk store. They often have great shampoos and body washes (just check the ingredients first!). I reuse mine for my homemade dog shampoo (find the recipe in Delicious Doggy Dishes) and even floor cleaner (vinegar + tea tree oil)

-Or even better, choose shampoo and conditioner bars, or even hair tea (Dusk by Adele Hair Tea coming in the New Year)

-Choose body and face scrubs that contain natural exfoliators

Plastic Micro Beads have been banned in many places- but you’ll still find them on supermarket shelves. Make sure you’re choosing scrubs that contain coffee, or walnut, or better yet, DIY.

-Or better yet, get a bamboo fibre body loofah

It’ll slough off all of that fake tan like no-one’s biz.

-Reuse anything you can

I have reused body scrub and face mask zip log bags – simply wash and dry them well first- and pop nuts and seeds in them for a no-spill trail mix bag

There’s so much more to come- stay tuned and leave any suggestions below.

Adele x

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