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Are you ready to #gogreen2017 ?

My 2016 has been radically different than any other year that I’ve had in many ways. After my year of downsizing in 2015  and starting to shift my ideas of consumerism, I become obsessed in many ways of what I was doing to not only help the planet, but I was doing to harm it. And everything changed. The way I shopped, the way I viewed possessions, the money that I spent on meaningless crap, and the things I threw away. They way I reused things, refused things and recycled things. And I promise, that if I can do this – the former self proclaimed ‘queen of crap’, that anyone can do it. Anyone can choose to #gogreen2017. So what is ‘Going...

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18 Vegan Grand Final Day Dishes (to please all of your guests!)

Whether you’re a football fan or not- there’s no denying that footy fever can very quickly sweep through entire households and friendship groups. Take me for example; an Essendon fan (by proxy) sat glued to the semi final. Definitely not something you’d normally catch me doing, but the fever had hit, and a bunch of us cheered the Bulldogs (yay, a dog themed team!) all the way to the finals.   Now there’s a bevy of Grand Final BBQ’s and Parties to choose from, and menus to plan! I usually arm myself with a range of dishes that I can entice others with, while also keeping myself satisfied. Here are some dishes that’ll keep your vegetarian and vegan Grand Final guests...

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An Honest Review of 5 Vegan Protein Powders to Support Your Healthy Lifestyle

Over the years I’ve tried many, many plant based vegan and raw protein powders. We’re so lucky that now there is such an abundance of vegan protein powders that there really is one for everybody and every body. I’ve tried over the years to find one that doesn’t affect my stomach, cools me down too much, and doesn’t leave any nasty after tastes. Here are five that I’ve tried and enjoyed… some more than others!   Note: This is not a paid or sponsored post in any way. It’s based purely on my own research and findings. Food Matters Superfood Protein  What they say “When we created this blend, we wanted to make sure that it was loaded with highly-digestible...

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