Before you drink your next green smoothie, read this.

Are they still the rage? I think they are going to have a resurgence again after Vogue posted Lara Bingles’ fave green smoothie recipe.


I’ve enjoyed them in the past.

Oh yes, believe me I have.

I’ve experienced the clear, glowing skin, the whites of my eyes getting whiter, the regular (and sometimes unexpected) trips to the bathroom, and the endless energy.

I’ve also experienced dampness, bloating, heaviness, fluid retention, tiredness and digestive issues (a low digestive fire/agni) that I’ve been trying to rectify with my Acupuncturist for years.

The dampness I speak of is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) term. I largely follow a TCM based ‘diet’ as it suits me, and it’s all about balance. In every aspect of life.

Dampness in the body, is like dampness in nature. In nature, the damp soaks into the ground, creeping along and getting into every nook and cranny. Likewise with the body.

Green smoothies/greens (amongst other foods like dairy, white flour, sugar) are all damp producing. Dampness causes blockages and stagnation, and there are many common side effects. Accumulation of dampness over years is common and can contribute to asthma and allergies.

Heaviness, bloating, mucous/phlegm, constipation, sore joints and excess weight gain are all side effects of damp inside the body.

Mucous in my lungs, and discharge, were just the tip of iceberg for me.

A 6 week ‘detox’ of drinking green smoothies everyday also caused my ectopic pregnancy. Now, the medical ‘professionals’ don’t agree with this, but it was the only answer that made sense to me.

In the damp, how can life be sustained?

So when I went to my TCM – Dr Paul Carter, he got to work, fast. No more green smoothies. No bananas. No frozen fruits in my smoothies. And as far as I wanted to take it, really. I could cut out sugar, flour etc etc.

‘Raw, cold foods create dampness and cold in the body. If you put frozen bananas and berries into your body, the coldness congeals and contracts.’

But one thing was for sure- I needed more heat producing foods. Ginger, chilli, garlic, tea, soups, stews. Warming and nourishing. Grounding and filling.

‘…Raw foods also take your own energy to warm the food up, therefore depleting your energy even further’

I know that everyone’s body is completely unique and special. But I want to make you aware. Make informed choices.

‘For people with weak digestion, bloating, loose bowels, those who feel the cold, low energy and depression, green smoothies (especially combined with cold fruit from the fridge/freezer) with further deplete you…’

And, as with everything in TCM, it’s all about balance. So am I saying to never have a green smoothie? No. However drink them in moderation. Have I had green smoothies since my operation? Yes, and I can count the times on one hand. I don’t particularly enjoy them though.

So before you jump into a full blown green smoothie regime, listen to your body. Are you damp? There are absolutely people who can handle this way of eating. And I take my hat off to you. But for those people who beat themselves up about not being able to drink/enjoy/digest green smoothies, don’t feel bad!

It’s just the damp.

Here’s to staying warm and dry


P.S- what’s your experience with green smoothies? Like/love/loathe them? Tell us below and feel free to share this post!



Please note, this article does not replace professional medical advice. Please see your health practitioner if you have any further questions or concerns.  

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