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Before you drink your next green smoothie, read this.

Are they still the rage? I think they are going to have a resurgence again after Vogue posted Lara Bingles’ fave green smoothie recipe.   I’ve enjoyed them in the past. Oh yes, believe me I have. I’ve experienced the clear, glowing skin, the whites of my eyes getting whiter, the regular (and sometimes unexpected) trips to the bathroom, and the endless energy. I’ve also experienced dampness, bloating, heaviness, fluid retention, tiredness and digestive issues (a low digestive fire/agni) that I’ve been trying to rectify with my Acupuncturist for years. The dampness I speak of is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) term. I largely follow a TCM based ‘diet’ as it suits me, and it’s all about balance. In every...

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