The Best Vegan Nacho Toppings

Nacho’s aren’t rocket science. They’re 50% prep, 10% assembly and 40% stuffing them in as fast as you can without losing the toppings all down your top. But what are the best vegan nacho toppings? Here I share with you some of my fave toppings guaranteed to beef up your nachos (with no animals harmed of course).


No longer just junky fast food, laden with greasy toppings. Nachos can be light, bright and vibrant and STILL pack a flavour punch so hard you’ll be running for an ice pack.

I’m getting hungry again just looking at it.

Here’s a simple breakdown of some of my favourite toppings. Couldn’t be simpler.

And here and some other favourites that are mucho definitely worth a second look at.

Za’atar Spiced Cashew Cheese (with or without the za’atar)

The filling from inside my Mexican Stack. It’s insane. Trust me, it’ll change your nacho life.

Raw grated broccoli. Is there anything broccoli doesn’t make awesome?!

Kale – cooked, raw, dehydrated….any way to get those greens.

The beetroot layer from my Vegan Terrine. Lush and creamy, with the signature sweet earthy beetroot taste.

Smokey, eggplant Baba Ganoush

vegan baba ganoush recipe


You just can’t go wrong with nachos.


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