#truelovetuesdays – Meet Stella!

I’ve been so excited to show-off Stella in front of the camera. We met a few weeks ago and clicked immediately. She’s an Irish Wolfhound X Sharpei – and having wolfie in her, reminded me so much of Holly! She’s such a sweetie – wait until you see her on camera!


Isn’t she gorgeous?

Well, you know how I said how I wanted to take her home? I did! I bought Stella home with me that afternoon so she could spend some time in a home while she waited for a new family.

And she’s blossoming.

She was a little unsure the first afternoon she arrived; she paced and wasn’t sure where she was allowed to go and what she was allowed to do. Nothing that I’ve not seen other dogs do in a new home before. She settled relatively fast compared to other dogs I’ve looked after (once I minded a friends German Shepherd and she paced the hallway until 2am!) and decided to lay on the ground at my feet and have a nap.




I offered her the couch, but she wasn’t sure, until she knew she wouldn’t get in trouble. She’s really, really smart! Once she knew it was ok, she jumped right up and made herself warm and comfy. And promptly fell asleep.

She ate dinner and breakfast like a champ – she’s not sure about eating so many vegies, but she enjoyed the lentils, sardines and raw carrot!

We went for a big drive in the car, and she just happily stared out the window. Didn’t fuss or fidget.

Sharpeis by nature are ‘one person dogs’ – but Stella seems to have missed that gene. She’s friends with all two-legs! She just adored Paul when she met him, and followed him around like a love-sick puppy, literally. She’s a heart-melter.

We went to the big park this morning, and she made some new friends (two Vizsla’s and a Jack), had a sniff and a play, and lots of wees. She’s not really one for the ball – she was more happy just wandering around exploring her new space, and getting pats from everyone. No one could believe she was in the shelter – the comments were things like “What a beautiful temperament!” “She’s so sweet” and “Wow she just fits right in with everyone here!”.



She really is a beautiful girl. With a bit of love, attention, and some time spent learning new tricks, she will continue to flourish and will make a family very happy.







To enquire about Stella, contact

Blue Cross Animals Society Victoria

Address: 26 Homestead Rd, Wonga Park VIC 3115

And we can arrange a meet and greet!
Adele x

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