Watched The Game Changers and ready to go plant based/vegan?

Have you watched The Game Changers yet (hint- watch it on Netflix in Australia)?

If you haven't you're missing out.

This doco is about meat, protein and strength - and debunks many myths associated with a carnivorous diet. This movie made my dad - 62 years young - change his mind about a plant-based diet (even though I'd been banging on about it for most of my life). So he's been vegan for the better part of three months and counting. 10kgs, and a brand new knee later, he's a new man!

This kickass documentary is making HUGE WAVES - in the best way! 

I've had so many people come to my Vegan Cooking Workshops since watching it; mostly men interestingly - and say that the movie changed their mind, and they're willing to explore vegan/plant-based eating. But the issue for most of them is- and the question they ask the most is "What do I cook if I can't eat meat?".

Easy my friends. 

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Go forth and change the game!