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Odds and Ends Homemade Spice Mix

I’ve wanted to make my own spice mix for a long time – using more than just dried spices. I have been growing my own organic vegies and herbs for over a year now in my two Healthy Patches, and had an abundance of celery, chillies, oregano, rosemary and spring onions… and nothing to make with it all. This recipe is completely interchangeable – have you got an abundance of carrot tops or beet leaves? Use them in place of the celery leaves. How about parsley, basil and coriander? Use them instead of the oregano and rosemary. For an Indian twist, add garam masala instead of the smoked paprika. It’s really that easy! Use this to add a depth of flavour...

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Tofu and Pumpkin Lemongrass Curry

I’ve had the house to myself this week – with Paul’s work schedule taking him all over the country, and my travels taking me far and wide, we don’t often spend a lot of time together. When he’s away, I love to go all out in the kitchen.  I do when he’s at home as well, but I find myself being a tad more adventurous when it’s just me; so if the dish is a total flop, no one else has to suffer. I had some gorgeous fresh tofu staring at me from the fridge, longing to be eaten, and loads of chilli and coriander from mum and dad’s garden. I wanted something light, filling, grounding and spicy.   This...

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Campfire Tofu Curry

We’ve been in the Caravan for the last few weeks! We all love it – there’s something simple about life in the van. Everything has it’s place, there’s not enough room for excess ‘stuff’ and it’s so easy to clean. We’ve had all types of weather as well… from stunning blue skies and stinging sun, to rain and wind and temperatures that have had us all running for our jumpers and thick socks. If it’s one thing I know, eating and cooking in the van is a breeze. Again – you’ve got limited space so you really do learn to make do with what produce and dry goods you have on hand. So much fun! I was craving something thick...

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