Does your pantry need an overhaul? Find out, and learn what to do about it!

Raise your hand if you have a pantry full of stuff, and complain there’s never anything to eat. Much like a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, this can be a serious source of stress for many people. So together, we’re going to find out if you need a pantry overhaul or not.


Go to your pantry and open the door.

Have a look around at everything on your shelves.

And let me ask you:

-What turns you on in your pantry?

-What makes your mouth water?

-What do you use often?

-What makes your tummy rumble just thinking about it?


Now let me ask you:

-Are you standing there not knowing what to make with what you have?

-Are you bored to death with everything you’re looking at?

-Are the shelves full, but every night and day is still a struggle to come up with new ideas?

-Is pleasing everyone in the family getting to be too hard?

Trust me, I have days where I too stand there with my hands on my hips and don’t know what to make, even with a fridge and pantry fully stocked… but I’ve got some great tips and ideas that’ll help you out.

Throw away/Recycle/Donate anything that you don’t use

Have 50 cans of baked beans that you bought on sale 5 years ago? Have those big plastic tubs filled with flour? Spices that you’ve had so long they’ve gone rock hard?

You know what to do.

These things are taking up valuable shelf real estate, and as I always say, you need to make space to welcome in the NEW in your life.

Spend one day a week meal prepping, and have a freezer full of meals ready-to-go

It’s a bit of a no-brainer, but it really does help! Having meals ready to go will save you time, money and stress.

This handy blog is filled with Vegan Freezer Friendly Meals to get you started

Use your leftovers wisely!

Don’t throw anything away…Read this blog and learn how you can transform leftovers into something new!

Stock your pantry with foods that you love and will use, in bulk

There’s no point having things in your pantry that you don’t or won’t use! Learn how to shop bulk food style with this handy guide

Use different spices and herbs to jazz up old meals

Spices and herbs are the miracle workers we so often forget about. Watch this video and learn about my favourites that will turn that old chow into ‘oh wow!’

Don’t stress yourself out

Sometimes simple things taste the best! Toast can be a meal in itself and don’t discount the power of a good snack! 

Want me to give you a hand in the kitchen?

Limited spaces are available now for my Pantry + Kitchen Overhauls

During our time together:

  • We’ll go through your pantry and fridge contents (no judgement!) and work out what no longer works and replace it with foods that serve you and your family
  • I’ll walk and talk you through a number of bulk food basics that you need in your kitchen
  • I’ll show you exactly what to do with them in new and inventive ways that everyone in your family will love
  • We can even go shopping together!

Click here to find out more


Adele xxx

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