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Does your pantry need an overhaul? Find out, and learn what to do about it!

Raise your hand if you have a pantry full of stuff, and complain there’s never anything to eat. Much like a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, this can be a serious source of stress for many people. So together, we’re going to find out if you need a pantry overhaul or not.   Go to your pantry and open the door. Have a look around at everything on your shelves. And let me ask you: -What turns you on in your pantry? -What makes your mouth water? -What do you use often? -What makes your tummy rumble just thinking about it? Anything?  Now let me ask you: -Are you standing there not knowing what to make with what you...

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Working out on a vegan diet- and my main motivation for moving my body every day.

It’s been a while between personal posts. And not for any reason- there’s been plenty of stuff happening (you know I love sharing over on my social media channels) that I could easily write about, but I just didn’t feel called to share it.   On my snapchat (vegieheadadele) this morning I asked my wonderful community what they’d like me to blog about. And I had a great question from Melissa. She video snapped me (love it!) and asked to share my workouts and what I eat before and afterwards for energy. Working out on a vegan diet isn’t hard- and it can be done easily, simply and healthily! Now, as snapchat is very much a fast moving platform, I...

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