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The Importance of High Fibre Foods

Since becoming a mother, I’ve certainly been more vigilant about my husband and my diet – and obviously Bub’s – as I want us to have the best chance at longevity and health! Eating a plant based diet has many, many health benefits; you eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and wholegrains which include a multitude of vitamins, minerals and plant based calcium and iron. And one thing there’s no doubt that we consume is fibre. High fibre foods help you feel fuller for longer, help prevent diabetes by slowing glucose entering the bloodstream, help prevent constipation and can help maintain a healthy weight. Here’s 7 high fibre foods you can easily eat every day to reap all the...

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An Honest Review of 5 Vegan Protein Powders to Support Your Healthy Lifestyle

Over the years I’ve tried many, many plant based vegan and raw protein powders. We’re so lucky that now there is such an abundance of vegan protein powders that there really is one for everybody and every body. I’ve tried over the years to find one that doesn’t affect my stomach, cools me down too much, and doesn’t leave any nasty after tastes. Here are five that I’ve tried and enjoyed… some more than others!   Note: This is not a paid or sponsored post in any way. It’s based purely on my own research and findings. Food Matters Superfood Protein  What they say “When we created this blend, we wanted to make sure that it was loaded with highly-digestible...

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Working out on a vegan diet- and my main motivation for moving my body every day.

It’s been a while between personal posts. And not for any reason- there’s been plenty of stuff happening (you know I love sharing over on my social media channels) that I could easily write about, but I just didn’t feel called to share it.   On my snapchat (vegieheadadele) this morning I asked my wonderful community what they’d like me to blog about. And I had a great question from Melissa. She video snapped me (love it!) and asked to share my workouts and what I eat before and afterwards for energy. Working out on a vegan diet isn’t hard- and it can be done easily, simply and healthily! Now, as snapchat is very much a fast moving platform, I...

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